Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Final Countdown

Today we received word that the Vietnamese government had accepted our dossier. Our agency forecasted that it will be about 7 months and a few days until we get our provincial approval, and then eventually our travel orders. That means that we will probably travel sometime around the middle of June.

Often times we will find ourselves talking about what we think will happen and what could happen. Our thoughts will wander from the project that we are working on to a little girl far away who has heard little about us and looked only at a small sample of pictures that we have been able to send over. I cannot image how she must feel or how she will feel when the day arrives for her to begin her new life with us. Perhaps she will feel the same joyful awkwardness that we look forward to and the tingle that comes from two very simple words; "mommy" and "daddy".

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


First hurdle down - our dossier is on its way to Vietnam! What a relief.

DTV stands for "Dossier to Vietnam". Just one of the many acronym's in the adoption world. I had to search for a list when we first started the process because I had no clue what people were referring to on their websites, blogs or forums.

Did you know that we are PAP's? That's prospective adoptive parents. Once An comes home, we get to drop the first "P" and become AP's.

Coming next is MOJ, DOJ, TA and G&R. I think that's the right order - but I'm sure the agency will let me know precisely which one is which when the approval happens. I'll even wait to share the definitions - a little an-ticipation for the rest of you. Just know, though, that when we get to G&R, we'll be in Vietnam with a beautiful three year old in our arms.

Happy, happy day!