Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The things I do for An...

I am sure that the future will bring many statements of this variety, but those closest to me know that what I did today - voluntarily - will probably rank near the top of any list that I may hold over An's head.

I got a shot.

It brings tears to my eyes just to write that sentence.

Not only did I get a shot. But I have to get AT LEAST two more for the Hepatitis A/B series and who knows what else. It is probably better that I don't know what else right now because it was a big shock to me that I have to get TWO MORE for this series. I thought it was only one more after 6 months.

To anybody that feels sorry for babies that get vaccinations all the time, I have just one thing to say. At least they don't remember it!

I, on the other hand, have to schedule my own appointments, shake for a few hours after scheduling said appointment, feel the dread building as the time for the appointment comes, consider fleeing the doctors office once I am there, and then come to tears when providing my arm.

MY ARM. It's not supposed to have needles stuck in it. I feel just as strongly about blood tests. It's my blood and my body was designed to keep it on the inside.

I'm sure that I provide major entertainment for the medical providers. I know that I provided major entertainment for Brian today. He has heard me talk about my intense fear of needles but this is the first time he's actually witnessed it.

So years from now when An is telling me that I don't love her or care about her, I will pull this example out. This example of incredible devotion to bringing her home and how I was willing to set aside my biggest fear FOR HER!