Friday, November 28, 2008

If you can't say anything nice...

...then don't say anything at all. That cliche pretty much sums up why I haven't posted for a while.

We were quite hopeful that we'd hear some good news mid-November but its taken me this long to calm down enough about what we did hear to post. It's not that we heard anything particulary bad, but once again there needs to be more "consideration" before the province can do anything (they've been "considering" this since April as far as we know). On a good note, they've promised to decide whether they were going to need even more "consideration" by December. When in December, we have no idea. And it's hard to be hopeful about someone considering whether there needs to be more consideration...but the flipside is that they could just decide to approve her file. We pray that whomever these officials view as their higher power gives them the grace to make a decision in the best interest of this beautiful little girl.

So, I took small satisfaction today in making a small change to the blog description which you can see to the right, just below the clock.