Wednesday, September 26, 2007

From Here on Out...

Now that our dossier is out of our hands and into others, we will get updates as it clears each hurdle. We have no control over this process. Things will happen when they happen. We have a record of when they have happened for the families that have completed adoptions from Dong Nai Province before us, but past history is no indicator of future performance (where have I heard that before??).

Today we received a message from our agency. Everything is in order with our dossier and it's on its way to San Francisco. That would be the Vietnamese Embassy in San Francisco. See, once everything in our dossier is notarized, it has to be certified by the State that the notary is indeed licensed and able to notarize. Then the Embassy authenticates that the State is indeed a State in the United States and is authorized to certifiy that the notary is licensed and able to notarize (okay...I'm projecting here - I really don't know what the Embassy is actually authenticating but this sounds like a good story).

So...we are on the way to San Francisco! Our next update will be when we are back from San Francisco and on our way to Vietnam. We are living vicariously through our dossier these days!