Sunday, September 14, 2008

Update Day!!!

On Friday as I was waiting for a call from our agency to find out why our I-600 has not been submitted, I saw an email come through with An's quarterly update. Even though I had to open the pictures and report on my Blackberry (can you say microscopic in size?), it made my day!

An is doing very well, healthy and gaining weight. Sounds like she is becoming more of a typical toddler as she defends her possessions and becomes jealous when her foster mom pays attention to others.

No words can describe how much we want her home with us - we've been receiving these updates for one year and three months now...we're ready to give you reports from our own observation!

Now for the pictures:
An - July 08

In this one, she's reading a book we sent ("Where's the Puppy?" in Vietnamese)

An - July 08



Thomas & Cathy said...

Love the pics! She is a beautiful child! Thanks for sharing! T & C

StaceynCorey said...

She is just so beautiful. May this be your last update before travel. It's beyond time for her to come home!!!

Hank said...

She is so pretty! It is time to come home! Praying for fast travels for you all!!!!