Saturday, December 6, 2008

18 Months

Eighteen months ago today I was setting up for an education fair at one of our largest employers. As I finished getting everything arranged, my cell phone rang with a 541 prefix. At that time I didn't have our agency's phone number programmed in because we weren't anywhere close to receiving a referral. I almost didn't answer the call. But at the last ring before voice mail, it crossed my mind that 541 was Oregon.

The voice on the other end of the line said this is Robin and I have a referral for you. I was shocked.

We spoke for 10-15 minutes as she told me about An and then she asked if I'd like her to send her file. I said of course! At that time, it was minutes before the education fair was supposed to begin so I tried to get myself together. I quickly called Brian but knew that he was in a meeting so I left a message that he needed to call me as soon as possible (I think I remembered to say something like nobody was hurt, but he had to call me NOW).

The rest of the day is a blur.

The next day, I came home during lunch to find the FedEx package waiting on the front porch. I really did give some thought about waiting until Brian came home to open it, but that didn't last long and I tore into it. As I looked through An's pictures, I was amazed by her beauty. I do remember asking Robin at the end of the call which province An was in. I recall thinking that the extra time waiting for approvals was a fair trade-off for how quickly we received her referral.

But who could have imagined that we would be still here, 18 months later, without our daughter. I like to think that in the video below An is pretending to call us. Hopefully we won't need videos and pictures to get to know one another for much longer...

Missing An so bad it hurts,



Valorie Leonard said...

Brian & Wendi, I wish I had better words to offer, but I sure do care about you. We are praying for quick travel approval!

Duda Family said...

Beautiful post. I am speechless. I wish there was something I could say to comfort you but I know there isn't. We are here for you and we will be here when you bring An home. Love, Mary Li

Cheryl F. said...

That video is so sweet. She looks beautiful, I am praying for quick travel approval you have waited much too long. Sincerely, Cheryl F

Ann said...

We pray for you every single day, several times every day. We pray that both An and Hunter and all the Dong Nai children will come home very, very soon. It has been too long. I have no words to help the sadness but I want you to know I'm crying for you as I write this . . .
Ann from Holt BB

Yippee said...

She said "allo, bo khoe khong" ("bo" pronounced like beau, meaning dad how are you ?

Then mom how are you ("me", pronounced almost like mair).

Then grandma how are you ("ba ngoai").

Her voice is absolutely so cute.

Wild Wendi said...

Thank you "Yippee" you made my day!

Stevens Family said...

I am so sorry it's been so long. All I can say is that I pray for you all daily.

I just love the video and can't wait to see video of her finally in your arms.

Valorie Leonard said...

Wendi! I'm so excited to say that she is pretending to call you!