Monday, May 18, 2009

The Day We've Been Waiting For!!!!!!!

This morning around 9:15 we received our travel call! Everything is finally approved and we are scheduled to complete An's adoption on June 1. We should be able to meet her on Friday, May 29 - we hope that meeting her and then having her return home with her foster mom will make the transition a little easier. Her foster mom will have the weekend to convince her that it's going to be okay and we are not scary people!

It's a very good thing that we got travel approval the end of last week, we decided that we'd had enough and bought tickets to fly to Vietnam on May 25. We figured as long as we got approval sometime this week, we'd only be arriving 2 days early. And if it was delayed another week, we'd travel to the central part of the country and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. And if it was delayed even further than that...well we'd figure it out. I'm so glad we don't have to figure it out.

Two weeks from today, An officially becomes our daughter. She's been our daughter in our hearts and minds since the day we received her referral on June 7, 2007.



J and J said...

What a blessing! Such great news!!!

Carol said...

Praise GOD!!!!!!!! Such wonderful news! I am so happy for you!! I can't wait to see her in your arms! An, Mommy and Daddy are on their way!

Looking forward to a Dong Nai reunion!


jan said...

wendi -- i just prayed for you and 'the situation' not more than 30 minutes ago!!! record time for answered prayer!!!! i am happy beyond words that you will be blessed for your faithfulness.... i absolutely cannot wait to follow your blog while you travel. wow!

have fun making travel plans! can you believe you can FINALLY say that?!!! xoxoxo, jan :)

Ryan and Heather said...

congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you. Vietnam is an amazing country, can't wait to follow your journey!

Tracy @ My Minivan Rocks! said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. I know you waited so long!

Jess and Joe said...

Congratulations!! What wonderful news! We are so excited for you and An!

thecurryseven said...

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! I hope you have a wonderful trip.

Annette said...

Woohoo!!!!! We have all been waiting so long to see this post! Dustin and I are extremely excited and overjoyed for you. An will finally be in your arms forever. I hope that everything goes smoothly this week as you make your final travel plans.

Lots of love,

B said...

I've been lurking about from up here in Canada since forever...for this news I will come out of hiding and wish you safe travels to your daughter. Congratulations!

Jackie, Rich, and Mya Grace said...

Awesome news! I am so glad this day has finally come!!! I got chills reading your post....what a joyous time! Enjoy every minute of that sweet little angel!

Hank said...


We are so SUPER happy for you all..Echo what Jackie said above. Have a fun time packing! Just looking so forward to following your trip!

Hank, Tricia and Sophie

LawMommy said...


We met our beautiful daughter, Lana (Lan), in DaNang, two months after her fourth birthday, which is pretty much the same time you will be meeting An. I highly recommend taking lots of shiny, sparkly stickers and coloring books. (These were the things Lana was most readily bribed with.)

I am just happy for you to finally reach this point.

Jana said...

Congratulations to you and Brian! We are so excited to meet your daughter. Let us know what we can do to help welcome you all back home. (Aren't you glad you have like a million days saved up at work and can spend the whole summer at home?)

Duda Family said...

In 9 days you will hold An in your arms. Hard to believe it is acutally time. Dreams come true and prayers are answered! Rejoicing with you!!! Love, Mary Li, Jim, Marshall, Lily and Hung

Suzanne said...

Your news is so wonderful! My eyes are filled with happy tears for you and your family.
This long journey is coming to an end and when you finally have sweet An in your arms in 9 DAYS the fun part can begin. Yay!! Congratulations!
Suzanne in MI

Cheryl F. said...


I am so happy for you. Praise the Lord this is finally happening for your family. You have waited such a long time, but when you get her it will have been worth the wait. Can't wait to follow along.
Cheryl F