Sunday, May 31, 2009

We're Ready!


The gifts are packed and we are all anxiously waiting for the morning. Can you believe that we brought all this stuff to Vietnam with us? Actually, we bought the microwave here, but the rest was in one big suitcase which is now available for all the things we want to bring home.

We treated ourselves to a fancy dinner at the Rex Hotel tonight on the Rooftop Garden. I say fancy because it's the first time we've paid over 100,000d for an entree (about $5). I have to admit that I cheated tonight. They had fettucini carbonera on the menu and I went for it (only because Brian wanted some). It was great. I hear from Bob that the gin & tonic's were also well done. Afterwards we walked to Fannys for some exquisite ice cream. Thankfully there is also a Fannys in Hanoi so we can sample it frequently. They have a special on the 1st Friday of the month where its all you can eat for 75,000d. Judy is planning to take advantage of it.

Well, off to bed so we can get up bright and early and get out to Dong Nai. The Giving & Receiving is scheduled for 9:30am and after that we are officially a family!


PS - I did figure out the pictures today but obviously did not catch up with posting. We are having too much fun!


robandchristel said...

Breathlessly waiting with you.

Valorie Leonard said...

I'm so excited for you today. I'll be stalking all day! Have a wonderful time. I can't wait to see you all together FOREVER!

Jessica said...

Fanny's! Oh gosh, we ate there a bunch of times---what a great reminder.

Amazing how when we all are heading to bed tonight your lives will be changing in such a wonderful way. Our G & R ceremony was over in a blink of an eye; it will be interesting to hear about yours.

Thanks so much for doing this blog, although it may cost us a lot of money since it is making us sooo tempted to plan another trip to VN.

So delighted for the three of you!


Annette said...

Just a few more hours until your G&R ceremony today!!! I am sure you are smiling from ear to ear this morning as you wake up. I will be thinking of you guys as I get ready for bed, and you get ready for the rest of your lives together as a family!


Brett Adler said...

Happy to hear the trip is going well. Good luck tomorrow!

StanHeather said...

I can't wait for the moment you are officially a family. The joy you must be feeling is overwhelming... We are all thinking of you today in "an-ticipation"
Love to you and your daughter!!!!!!!

Hank said...

We are looking forward to this magical moment! Wishing you all had a good sleep and that all has gone smoothly.