Monday, June 1, 2009

What a Beautiful Day!

It's official, we are now a family of three! An has held up remarkably well today. We arrived at the orphanage before her and when she got there, once again she jumped into Brian's arms. We had a few minutes to visit before the other family arrived. They were meeting their son for the first time. It got rather crowded and confused, with all the families/foster families but we were told what would happen when we arrived at the DOJ and then the other family went to tour the rest of the orphanage while we said good-bye to An's foster mom.

An was so excited I don't think she really knew what was happening and she didn't want to hug or kiss her foster mom or sister. Brian was too intriguing. After they left, Brian walked around the corner to pay the driver and she panicked. She went after him and then also saw her foster mom near their car and she just lost it. One of the orphanage workers gathered her up and tried to calm her down. She ended up getting into the van with us to ride to the DOJ and by the time we got there she had An willing to be in Brian's arms again.

The "ceremony" was short and sweet. We sat in a area with many other people, were called into a room to sign 4 pieces of paper and a book (right below you Mary Li)and then handed over our gifts and walked out. We then walked about a half block down the street to take a picture of the hospital where An was born. We walked back to the DOJ and found that the person that needed to sign our documents was not there and the Holt staff would get him to sign later or tomorrow morning and bring our documents to the hotel in Saigon before we depart for Hanoi. Did I really expect to walk out of there with everything???

On the ride back to the hotel, An fell asleep on Brian's lap:

She woke up when we arrived and has been on the go since then. We walked across the street to the Pho 24 and found that she can outeat the two of us. She's just learning to use chopsticks so its funny to watch her. She's great at noodles but other items are difficult for her. She showed us she could use a fork, spoon and chopsticks during lunch. I'm not sure if she's been taught to eat everything that's put in front of her or if she was really that hungry. At dinner tonight, she jumped right into Brian's noodle dish which had hot red peppers. She'd eat a bite, ask for water, eat another. At one point, it was obvious she was in discomfort so we distracted her and slid the plate away.

She has just played with us all afternoon - coloring, kicking a balloon and, within about 5 minutes of arriving at the hotel she found the computer:

Every time someone has set down at the computer she's on their lap to play with it. Right now Brian is distracting her with the balloon so I'm finally getting a chance to do this.

Well, it off to bath and bedtime. I should also probably start packing. It'll be good to get to Hanoi and settle in for a little while.

love, Wendi


robandchristel said...

Wow!! The refresh button on our computer has a dent in it now! We have been waiting to see this one for so long. CONGRATULATIONS family of THREE!!!!!!


Rob and Christel

robandchristel said...

Dear An,

I am so happy for you! I'm looking so forward to seeing you again and playing together some day, just like we used to. You are gonna LOVE your Mom and Dad. They have moved heaven and earth to come and bring you home. See you soon. Love you like a sister!

-Honour (Tam Anh)

Annette said...

Yeah! Congratulations! I'm glad that everything went smoothly today and that An is doing well. Thanks for posting so soon. You know we've all been stalking! :-)


Duda Family said...

What a glorious day! An - welcome to your forever family and to our extended Dong Nai family of friends who have waited for this day for a very long time! Congratulations all! Love, Mary Li, Jim, Marshall, Lily and Hunter

Hank said...

CONGRATULATIONS YOU THREE!!! Finally a family. It has been WAY to long! Tricia, Sophie and I are so very happy for you all!! Life is good!!! Happy bonding time and looking forward to seeing more pix!

StanHeather said...

How exciting for you An!!!! To be with your parents and to play with a computer... Have fun with all your new adventures!
Mom & Dad, how fun is this??!! Kids are wonderful and busy - enjoy the time with her but also enjoy the time when she sleeps; that is typically spent cleaning, emailing and doing everything else you don't have time for when she is awake. Be safe going to Hanoi... Congratulations!!!

Jess and Joe said...

Congratulations! It sounds like such a happy day! How exciting!

TJO said...

Wendi and Brian,

CONGRATULATIONS! An is a lucky little girl - and adorable! Safe Travels!


asian~treasures said...

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!!!!!!! An's finally & forever YOURS!!!! The pictures are perfect & your descriptions are fun to read.

Enjoy your sweetheart!

Sheri, David, Micah & Adria

thecurryseven said...

Congratulations!!! It is so good to see the pictures of the three of you all together. I hope everything continues to go smoothly. (Well, smoothly being a relative term considering the province you are dealing with. You'll be done with them soon!)


Valorie Leonard said...

Yeah! Congratulations! I am so relieved! She looks gorgeous!

PhoWises said...

An, Wendy and Brian,
so glad your day has finally come! I hope the rest of your trip awesome. Take lots of pictures for us!

J and J said...

Congratualtions! Now your new journey can begin:) She is such a beautiful girl!

Cheryl F. said...


I am so happy for you, congratulations. A family of three. Can't wait to continue to follow your journey

Carol said...

Wendi, Brian & An,
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! At long last you are now a family of three!! We are so happy for you! Looking forward to the Dong Nai reunion.

Mark, Carol, Hannah & Josiah Hai

Stevens Family said...

Awe, what a beautiful day indeed! Congratulations you guys. Just fantastic to finally see your sweet girl in your arms. Have a wonderful time getting to know your beautiful An.