Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back Among the Living

We are nearly unpacked from the trip. However, the cable for the camera has yet to emerge - thus no photos. You'll just have to be satisfied with words on this Fathers Day.

An has been adapting fabulously to life in Idaho. The first afternoon we were home, she started exploring her room and toys and just loves anything that plays music. Her leapfrog caterpillar (which has the ABC's on it) is by far her favorite and it almost always has to be in the same room as she is. It definitely has to be under the bed while she sleeps so that she can be sure it will be there the next morning.

The first full day home we tried out her bike and by the next afternoon she had it mastered. Last night we took a long walk by the ponds in our neighborhood and she rode the whole way. With bursts of giggles from time to time to signify her excitement with going "fast" or seeing the ducks and geese or running into a mailbox - she likes it all.

She also loves soccer. During our first shopping trip, Brian showed her a soccer ball and a basketball and asked her to choose. She went for the soccer ball and now we kick it back and forth in the yard. She is amazingly coordinated in my mind. I really don't know how coordinated 4 year old's should be, but she can do a running kick and doesn't have to stop the ball before kicking it back at you. I can assure you that I could not do that at 4.

We've settled into a really nice routine and typically go out for a few hours each morning or afternoon. Otherwise, we stay around the house and park. She just loves to meet people and is learning to play with her friends Mollie and Audrey. Today, her Ong and Ba Noi return from Vietnam as they've been touring through the country since a few days before we left. She's excited to see them again.

What a glorious honeymoon! We've had a few 4 year old temper tantrums but they are typically matched to her level of tiredness. We don't expect it to last forever, but we are eating it up right now.


Patsy's Beach Scene said...

So glad you are home and safe! Can't wait to meet the little one. We will be coming thru in a week and 1/2 - on our way to Washington in our U-Haul.

Stevens Family said...

Wonderful news! So glad everything is going so well this early on. Sounds like you guys are having a blast!

Suzanne said...

Welcome home! It sounds like the three of you are enjoying your new routine.

Suzanne in MI

David & Co. said...

Congrats on your new family. She looks like she fits in so well with you and that she is right where she belongs. The 4 year old tempers are fun...good luck.

Richard said...

This has been a great adventure.
Thank you for shareing it with us.
It took a long time to get your daughter but the wait was worth it.
Our friend My Trang just got her Visa to come to the USA to be married it took almost 2 years.
Take care,
Rick Bearden.