Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Parenting 101

We scored our first "F" this morning.

In under 36 hours we've already had to take this poor child to the doctor for x-rays. She's fine (at least the doctor is pretty sure she's fine)...but it certainly has been an interesting past 24 hours.

An’s first plane ride went very well – she was so excited about it. They had obviously talked to her about planes as she started squealing with delight when we got to the gate and she saw one. “May bay! May bay” is what she was yelling out (means airplane). I have great video of her during the take-off which I will try to load later. We arrived in Hanoi last night just about 7pm. Since we'd left for the airport at 1:00 we were all hungry and tired. We went to the restaurant in our hotel and had a quick supper. After one taste of my French fries, An all of a sudden decided that it was okay to be close to me so that she could get some more. She was putting them in her rice porridge so that she could use her chopsticks to get them out. It was a hysterical “east meets west” moment. Following that, we came back to the room and crashed.

This morning, we met the social worker at 8:45am to go to the police station to file for An’s passport. It took no time at all. Because the other family that is here is living in Korea, Holt had to make a special arrangement with the government to expedite their passport which was offered to us as well. Apparently this is rarely done and we are happy to take advantage of it. It means we may be able to come home next Wednesday if the flights work. As we were walking back to the street, An had Brian by one hand and the social worker by the other (I had no French fries therefore no holding my hand). She was jumping up and down to be swung and all of a sudden the social worker heard a “pop” and An started crying. She cried during the ride back to the hotel and when we got in the lobby, Brian and the social worker were asking her where it hurt and how much it hurt and we all finally decided that she should go to the doctor (the social worker asked her if she needed to see the doctor and with big tears in her eyes and sniffles she shook her head yes).

So…back in the van for a few blocks to the International SOS clinic. What an efficient place. As soon as the paperwork was filled out, we were whisked in to see the doctor. I think he was French, Brian thinks South African. Anyway, he couldn’t feel anything but said an x-ray was the only way to tell so off she and Brian go to the x-ray room. There was no fracture thankfully – the doctor thought she just partially dislocated her elbow. To put it back in place requires a little twisting and bending of the arm that was already hurting her. He said that once he did it, she should start using that hand again immediately. But she didn’t. So he did it again. And she didn’t use it again. Would the third time be a charm? Nope.
He called another doctor down who agreed that it was probably back in place and she was just babying it because she remembered that it hurt. We were sent home to give her Tylenol and to watch it. If she doesn’t start using it by tomorrow, we get to go back.

A few minutes after getting back to the room, she was laughing and eating her lunch like a goof. Not using the hand, but not acting as if in pain. She is now taking a nap and we’re hopeful that it’ll all be forgotten when she wakes up.
Since we were only going to the police station this morning, we didn’t take the camera. It’s too bad because a picture of the x-rays of her arm would have been one for the memory book!



Valorie Leonard said...

Oh, you don't get an F---Sounds like you handled it like pros. Kids will be kids in Vietnam or in the US! I hope she is back to her normal self when she wakes up!

robandchristel said...

I'd say that's at least an "A", unless "F" stands for French Fries. What a crazy day you guys have had!
Honour's limbs "pop" every now and then as well.

SueCQ said...

Definately NOT an "F"! Typical parenting 101, though! These things happen and how you handled it scores a perfect "A"! Hope she's feeling better and eating more french fries on Mommy's lap really soon!

Duda Family said...

Talk about getting off to a bang up start! Actually it can happen to anyone and does - always. You are officially parents! Hope An feels better today.

Hank said...

Sounds like you all did just fine! Kinda cool on the expedited passports! We really loved the extra time we were able to spend in Ha Noi seeing the sites and just wandering around.

Annette said...

I'm glad that nothing was fractured or broken. I hope she's using her arm now.

Glad you made it safely to Hanoi. That would be great if you guys got to come home early!


Carol said...

Sounds like you did a great job. We had to take Josiah to the Clinic the first couple of days too. It's amazing how food can help the bonding/attachment process. All I can say is Mark was so happy we had Cheerios.
I'm so glad to hear about the other family. They are adopting Josiah's foster brother! Please tell them we are thinking of them.


Stevens Family said...

LOL!!! So glad to hear she's ok. Such a great story for her memory book too. I agree; you guys handled it like pros!

StanHeather said...

I can not believe that happened - well, actually i can - the same thing happened to my friends child except it was his shoulder... Lesson learned... But i am glad it was nothing serious. Sounds like you had a good day other than that

PhoWises said...

Sounds like a case of Nursemaid's elbow which is extremely common. Maya likes to do the hover craft thing between us and I was totally expecting that to happen to us. Fortunately, we have our our doctor!